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Monday, September 15, 2014

Modern slavery - ABC Queensland - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Modern slavery - ABC Queensland - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC):

Modern slavery

21 July 2014 , 3:10 PM by Amanda Dell
Slavery seems like it should be a relic of the past, but our clothes, our food and our service industry could all be tainted by the forced labour of people who are kept captive by others.
Hear about the slaves who may be working near you, and why the fishing industry is tainted by the enslavement of workers. 

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Friday, September 12, 2014

How the iPhone Helps Perpetuate Modern-Day Slavery | Carl Gibson

Via HUff Post Business

The iPhone 6 is coming out soon. But you don't need one. Your lining up to buy Apple's latest product is enabling their abuse of workers around the world, including in the United States. Of course, Apple isn't the only one guilty of this. The HP laptop I'm using to write this article was made in the same way. As is the Samsung smartphone I used to tweet this article after it was published. But Apple is the most glaring example that our need for shiny new gadgets perpetuates atrocities.

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How the iPhone Helps Perpetuate Modern-Day Slavery | Carl Gibson:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

U study documents juvenile sex trafficking in Minneapolis | Star Tribune

U study documents juvenile sex trafficking in Minneapolis | Star Tribune:

“I was surprised by how organized and strategic the use of violence in these trafficking operations really is,” said Lauren Martin, director of research at the university’s Urban Research Outreach/Engagement Center, one of the study’s authors. “It’s strategic and has a purpose in developing girls as a product for sale. … It degrades the girls’ sense of themselves and creates an objectification where girls devalue themselves.”

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

While India's girls are aborted, brides are wanted -


The Freedom Project is a CNN project focusing on modern human trafficking.

(CNN) -- Even for an employed schoolteacher like Narinder, it is hard to find a bride these days.

Narinder is a shy, slender 36-year old with a certain anxiety about him -- as if he has resigned to a fate that he is unable to change. He is very polite and at first, reluctant to talk about his situation.


This Is What Modern-Day Sex Slavery In America Looks Like | Business Insider

Source:  Business Insider:

The New York City mayor’s office recently helped launch a program to give legal assistance to victims of sex trafficking, and a woman in her 40s who endured years as a virtual slave appeared at its news conference.
That woman, who now goes by the name Kika Cerpa, survived an ugly crime that has started to get attention in America only in recent years. While many survivors come from impoverished circumstances, others, like Cerpa, had jobs before falling prey to sex traffickers. Some victims come from the U.S., while many others come from overseas. Their stories vary, but traffickers use some of the same tactics to control their victims.

Teachers learning to recognize child trafficking - FOX 35 News Orlando

Source: FOX 35 News Orlando:

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO) -The Orange County Classroom Teachers Association is spearheading an effort to educate its members about child trafficking so that they may recognize warning signs inside the classroom. The organization that represents 13,000 teachers has posted statistics, presentations even questionnaires about this crime on its website.


John Hoffmire: Understanding the harsh realities of child slavery in Africa | Deseret News

Source:  Deseret News:

John Hoffmire:

We all know poverty wreaks havoc on families, but rarely do we see the corrosive effects extreme poverty has on even the strongest of bonds, such as those between parents and children.
Jake Roble was an intern for me at the University of Oxford this summer and has just come back from studying child slavery in Ghana in West Africa, where he witnessed up close the devastating effects poverty had on people. These are some of the stories he told me. The names of some of the people have been changed.