Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Police bust sex slavery ring near elementary school | ksdk.com

Source:  ksdk.com
Westminister, CA (CNN) -- Just across the street from an elementary school near Los Angeles was a house holding alleged sex slaves from China.
However, this is not an isolated case.
The Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force busted an international prostitution ring called "Operation China Doll".
For many Westminister Police, this was the culmination of a 7 month investigation.
Four suspects were arrested and accused of pimping and pandering as many as ten women from rural China.
Police believe they were the victims of human trafficking, based on control with immigration status. They say the women were brought here on visitor visas.
"They didn't speak any English. They were in these brothels where there was no transportation to and from. They were dropped off at these locations and left for days at a time with no clothing, very little food. A lot of times they went right from the airport directly to a brothel."
Inside the brothels, police found boxes of condoms and cash hidden in the freezer. In the suspected pimp's home, there were pregnancy test kits and thousands of dollars stuffed into marked envelopes.
"The victims are sleeping with as many as 10 men a day and they were charging 160 per person." 
Watch the video in the player above to view the entire story.

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