Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Professor researches human trafficking in Thailand, Cambodia

Source: Indiana State University

By: Jennifer Sicking, ISU Communications and Marketing Staff
January 9, 2013

Though Catherine Tucker spent two weeks of December in Thailand
and Cambodia, she didn't spend it on the beach or seeing famous ruins.
 The Indiana State University assistant professor and coordinator of the
 clinical mental health counseling program traveled with Destiny Rescue
to learn about human trafficking.
Destiny Rescue is an international non-profit organization that helps
 children leave the sex trade. It also provide counseling and training
for new employment in sewing shops, jewelry making, coffee houses
or hair salons. Destiny Rescue provides housing and income so the
children are less likely to be forced back into the sex industry.
"It's a natural extension of my clinical and research work with children
 who have experienced trauma," Tucker said about her work in
 combating human trafficking.

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