Friday, April 12, 2013

OODA Loop - Slavery and Human Trafficking in 2013

OODA Loop - Slavery and Human Trafficking in 2013

This is a good article Michael Brooks. Here's a snippet from the introduction. To read the full article:

Reports and statistics from the UN, national governments, and politically diverse NGO’s demonstrate that human trafficking and slavery are as common today as they were during the years when transAtlantic slave trading was a legal enterprise. Estimates place the number of global victims as high as 29 million. The reality of this twenty-first century crime against humanity, however, is difficult to translate into accurate statistics at the global level. While the number of prosecutions for human trafficking in 2011 is precisely determinable (7,206), human trafficking remains an underground activity that defies accurate data collection. Governments estimate the number of trafficking victims through confirmed cases and expansive guesswork. Here, however, many trafficking cases are misidentified or missed completely. Accordingly, approximated statistics can be too low. Additionally, “human trafficking” and “slavery” are often defined so broadly that they include a wide swath of illegal activities. These broad definitions, however, can fail to capture the differences between different kinds of human trafficking. Most trafficking cases are unique. Although there are wide variances in discovered instances of human trafficking, there are established patterns that, once identified, help law enforcement combat this crime against humanity.

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