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Dallas Cowboy fights Super Bowl human trafficking - Dallas City Buzz |

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It’s a sad fact that where men and money converge, human trafficking follows. The Super Bowl is the pinnacle American sporting event, and a surge in prostitution will happen in this years host city of Dallas. To meet the demand, many prostitutes will be brought in, including children and teens. Many of these will be forced victims, literally being sex slaves for human traffickers.

Dallas Cowboy, three time pro-bowler Jay Ratliff has joined the fight against the tragedy of child human trafficking. He has endorsed Traffick911, a Dallas-Fort Worth based organization, in it’s mission to raise awareness and stop child human trafficking. Mr. Ratliff has filmed a public service announcement for their ‘I’m not buying it campaign (watch here).

'It has recently come to my attention that American children are being bought and sold for profit and pleasure and I’m mad. Men, I’m talking to you’, declared Mr. Ratliff.

One gets the impression that no human trafficker would want to be caught alone in the same room with Jay Ratliff. He also will be in attendance among other celebrity sponsors and giving away an autographed football at their upcoming tailgate party on February 5th at the Artside Event and Conference Center in Mansfield. The full lineup of guest sponsors will be announced next week. Traffic911 has created an online petition for submission to the NFL Super Bowl Host Committee requesting support for this area cause that will be affected by Super Bowl XLV. So far over 3,300 and counting have signed.

It's estimated between 100 and 300 thousand U.S. children are trafficked within our own borders each year. Katie Pedigo, director of New Friends New Life, a Dallas area organization that helps sex workers escape the industry, told NBCDFW, she estimates 15,000 prostitutes will be brought into North Texas for this year’s Super Bowl. She also estimates approximately 10%, some 1500 women and girls brought in from out of town, will be abandoned here, left to fend for themselves once the festivities have ended.

'We feel like we will be flooded with women coming to us seeking a new life seeking hope and opportunity,' said Pedigo.

Irving Bible Church is hosting a screening today, Friday Jan. 14th, of the film 'Playground”, a documentary which chronicles the plight of American citizens, particularly minors, trapped in the sex industry. There will be a guest panel speaking afterword including American Idol contestant Phil Stacey. Proceeds will be donated to support New Friends New Life.

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