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Modern-day slavery to be placed under spotlight through new Guardian / Humanity United multimedia collaboration

Source:,Wednesday 3 April 2013

The Guardian and Humanity United, a US-based foundation dedicated to building peace and advancing human freedom, have today launched a collaboration to draw attention to modern-day slavery.

Through the collaboration, which will initially last for a year, the Guardian will investigate and highlight the impact of modern-day slavery with new sections on both of its global development platforms - the Guardian global development site and the Guardian global development professional network.

The new sections will focus on key debates, ranging from the face of modern-day slavery, to the role of markets in sustaining the practice, to the failure of states and justice systems in both the developing and developed worlds to tackle the issue effectively.

Through a blend of comment, analysis and online discussions, the Guardian will also be highlighting the thousands of organisations worldwide that are engaged in the fight to stop modern-day slavery, and the work they do and try to discover what needs to be done to make that fight more successful.

As part of the initiative, Humanity United and the Guardian will also be running a series of events to bring together key players from across industry, the media, philanthropy, technology, government and the NGO community to explore effective ways of bringing this slavery to an end.

Jo Confino, executive editor of the Guardian, said: "The Guardian is committed to promoting social justice around the world, and using its journalism and platforms to expose and oppose oppression wherever it exists. There can be few more striking examples of oppression than the blight of modern-day slavery.

"By working together, our intention is to create a global forum that investigates both the root causes and potential solutions to modern slavery, elevates global public dialogue, builds alliances on the front lines, and spurs the public, policy-makers and corporate leaders into action."

"Slavery is one of the worst forms of human cruelty and while it is becoming a bigger and bigger business every day, for many of us, it is hidden in plain sight," said Randy Newcomb, president and CEO of Humanity United. "The Guardian's smart and well-informed approach to exploring the root causes of this crime and elevating the dialogue on this pressing human rights issue promises to be a tremendous resource for the global community, from activists on the front lines to the public at large."

Notes to editors:

About Humanity United
Humanity United is a US-based foundation dedicated to building peace and advancing human freedom. At home and in the corners of the globe where these ideals are challenged most, we lead and support efforts to lift up the voices and will of people, ensure good governance and the rule of law, engage markets and business as a force for change, and encourage the exploration of promising ideas and innovations to end conflict and slavery – all with the belief that everyone has the right to a life that is peaceful and free. Learn more at Humanity United is part of The Omidyar Group:

About the Guardian's global development site
The Guardian's award-winning global development site was launched in 2010 to provide special focus on the Millennium Development Goals — the eight targets set in 2000 by the United Nations Millennium Declaration with the aim of improving the lives of the world's poorest people by 2015.

About Guardian Professional Networks
Guardian Professional Networks are community-focused sites that bring together advice, resources, debate and insight from a wide range of professional communities, enabling individuals and businesses to gain fresh thinking, connect with colleagues in their industry and share best practice.
The first network was launched by Guardian Professional in 2010 and since then 16 networks have been established. Guardian Professional is a commercial division of Guardian News & Media, and to date its networks have nearly 200,000 members.

For further information please contact:
Hayley Dunlop, Guardian News & Media press office, 020 3353 3818 /
Martin Pearce, on behalf of Humanity United, +1.425.260.4101

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