Monday, May 7, 2012

Vatican Radio - Sold into slavery

Source: Vatican Radio

7/05/2012 9.13.23 

It’s the second most profitable worldwide criminal enterprise after the illegal arms trade. We’re talking about human trafficking where men, women and children are bought and sold into slavery every day, whether for the sex trade, domestic servitude or forced labour. So how can the Catholic Church use its global networks to help fight the scourge of human trafficking? That’s one of the key aims behind a conference on combating human trafficking that is being hosted this week by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. The key organiser of the conference is Bishop Patrick Lynch, who heads the Office for Migration of the Church in England and Wales. He spoke to Susy Hodges.

Bishop Lynch says this conference is an opportunity for different groups to look together at ways as to "how we can make people aware of this tragedy" of human trafficking and work together to try "to overcome" this problem. He says the three themes of the one-day conference in the Vatican are "prevention, pastoral care and reintegration."

When it comes to how society has responded to the scourge of human trafficking, Bishop Lynch says the religious institutes of women "have led the way throughout the world" and "been a shining example" in their work to try to combat this problem and help the victims.

Listen to the full interview by Susy Hodges with Bishop Patrick Lynch: RealAudioMP3 
ican Radio - Sold into slavery

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